Yamato Indigo Dye Kit

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This kit includes everything you need to start a vat large enough to dye garments like long sleeve shirts, sweats, pants and canvas sneakers. 30g Yamato Indigo Dye will make a vat of 10 to 17 litre. Once the vat is exhausted, add Soda Ash and Sodium Hydrosulfite to re-boost the vat and dye more! 30% Pure Vinegar and Fixative will give your garments better results and help preserve the indigo color. The kit is also good for indigo dye parties and workshops to dye many small items. 

Included in the package:
30g Yamato Indigo Dye
100ml 30% Pure Vinegar
100ml Yamato Indigo Dye Fixative
30g Soda Ash
30g Sodium Hydrosulfite 
1 pair of rubber gloves
Instruction Sheet