Sex & The City Playing Cards

Sex & The City Playing Cards

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These unofficial fan-created playing cards are a homage to Sex and the City, one of TV's greatest and most enduring shows.

Imagine playing a round of Texas Hold 'Em, but when you reveal your hand, there are the iconic smiles of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, from TV's Sex and the City! 

Printed on high-quality card material, this deck is a standard poker set, with the four classic suits. Each suit celebrates a different character. Carrie is diamonds, Charlotte is hearts, Miranda is clubs, and Samantha is spades. Naturally, Stanford Blatch is the joker card.

  • 54 card deck
  • Printed on high quality card material
  • Illustrated by Chantel de Sousa
  • 2.79" x 3.84" x 0.97"