Rice Nine Ten

Hand Knit Basketball Sweater

20%  Wool, 80% Acrylic
90's Basketball Graphic Sweatshirt Motif
V Gusset Under the Neck, Rib, Side Panels, and Under the Armpit
All the Details Were Hand Knit and/or Hand Embroidered
R Mark on the Left Sleeve
Relaxed Body Width and Sleeve Width
Size 1:
Body Length: 67 cm (Approximately 26 inches)
Body Width: 63 cm (Approximately 25 inches)
Shoulder Width: 52 cm (Approximately 20 inches)
Sleeve Length: 61 cm (Approximately 24 inches)
Size 2:
Body Length: 69.5 cm (Approximately 27 inches)
Body Width: 66 cm (Approximately 26 inches)
Shoulder Width: 54 cm (Approximately 21 inches)
Sleeve Length: 62 cm (Approximately 24 inches)

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