Ascent To Love With Rose Quartz Crystal

Ascent To Love With Rose Quartz Crystal

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Ascent to Love is an addictive blend of juicy red currants and strawberries, laced with delicious vanilla and musk.

This wellness fragrance is designed to help unleash the greatest love of all, self-love. Awakens the Heart Chakra.

Infused with an authentic, fair-trade, Rose Quartz* which is known to nurture inner love, compassion, forgiveness, healing, and grace. We believe that unconditional self-love is a powerful energetic frequency that when unleashed, attracts the same back to you.

We unite the principles of aromatherapy with clean, luxurious scents that work to elevate your mood. Personalize your fragrance with the power of your intent and call upon it with every mist.

What you will reveal: Self-Love.