Ascent To Courage With Citrine Crystal

Ascent To Courage With Citrine Crystal

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Ascent To Courage is a sophisticated, smoky, woody fragrance with a burst of juicy, textured citrus that's wrapped in comforting fig.

This wellness fragrance is designed to help unleash your inner strength and confidence to help you remember who you are. Awakens the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Infused with an authentic, fair-trade, Citrine* which is known to unleash inner joy, courage and tenacity to follow your bliss. This “merchant stone” works to awaken your self-belief to manifest your intentions.

We unite the principles of aromatherapy with clean, luxurious scents that work to elevate your mood. Personalize your fragrance with the power of your intent and call upon it with every mist.

What you will reveal: Courage and abundance.

* Sizes, shapes and colors may vary due to the natural aspect of the stone.